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We Really Need Your Help

Spreading the word of God with the people of Great Britain is at the heart of our charity, we want as many people to hear the Salvation message of Jesus as possible.

We would like 100,000 Prayer Warriors to dedicate themselves to praying for Great Britain and the people living here.

We will do this by investing in Evangelical programmes on TV and hold live events for the unsaved. We want to take the lifesaving and miracle power of Jesus to the unsaved.

But it is important that we also put Jesus’s love into action by supporting the local community of London. We will work with Food Banks, Mental Health organisations and Hospices to demonstrate the word of God through giving. We believe in utter transparency. All staff costs are given freely so you know 100% of your donation will be given in full.

For Every £1 You Donate, 100% Goes to Our Causes.

Legacy Donations

Making a Will is extremely important for everyone. It is the only way to keep your affairs in order and to make sure your money and possessions go to the people you want to have them. 

A Will can be a valuable way of reducing inheritance tax liability on your estate, as legacies to registered charities, such as Bring the Nation Back to God, are tax free. It’s an inspiring thought that, by remembering the Bring the Nation Back to God Campaign in your Will, you are, by the grace of God, going to make a difference to the lives of future generations. To include a gift to the Bring the Nation Back to God, simply tell your solicitor or Will writer what you want to do. It is as easy as that. All they need from you are your instructions.

Where Does Your Donations Go to?

Christian Events

We will hold Christian events in London and the UK so that communities can learn about the Bible and the Christian Faith. We want as many people as possible to learn about  Christianity and will hold prayer meetings, celebration of Christian festivals, producing and distributing literature on biblical teachings to enlighten others about the Christian faith, spreading the word and love of God.


Spreading the word of God through the advancement of technology, is the fastest and most effective way to reach more people than ever before. By using broadcast we can send a visual message of God’s love to all that want to listen. We will be sponsoring programmes that clearly teach biblical beliefs and messages of an evangelistic and teaching nature.

Mental Health

As well as teaching God’s biblical principles, we want to show God’s love by supporting local charities in their work. We will support local mental health charities to give relief of the physical and mental sickness of people in need of counselling and support within the London area.


Hospice care seeks to improve the quality of life and wellbeing of adults and children with life-limiting or terminal illness, helping them live as fully as they can, for the precious time they have left. Helping the sick in their time of need is another way we wish to show God’s love and support. Praying for those in need, we will give donations to hospices and help them to assist those in need.

Food Banks

As well as feeding people spiritually, we want to support the local food banks in the London area and help prevent and give relief of poverty by providing donations to food banks and individuals in need of food.

Please Donate

Please click the button below to donate securely via PayPal.